Hot Rods

"Best aftermarket crankshafts and connecting rods since 1993"


Part of the All Balls Racing company group, customers have come to recognize that there is no substitute for the quality of Hot Rods products. Premier alternative to costly OEM. Hots Rods provides the go to option for complete or partial rebuild kits. Their products include everything from complet cranks to water pump rebuild


We have a large range of Hot Rod products available. Finding the correct one for your bike without using our search bar or the part finder tool above is going to be near impossible. 


Feel free to contact us if you want some help. Otherwise here are some tips on how to use the search tools. 



How to use the search tools

Part Finder Tool (recommended): Start by entering in your Make, followed by Model and Year. It might take a second to load the results after you select each one.


Search bar: This search function works best when you put less information in. Try searching for just your motorcycle model and the part you want.

Example: "250 SX-F Hot Rods". Remember, start with less information, than add more and more to help narrow your results.