To be competitive nowadays involves more than just giving the market what it wants.  These days, you must also pay particular attention to your relationship with the end-user. Newfren has decided long ago to certificate its production systems to answer to customers’ needs according to ISO 9001 rules. Creativity, reliability, high quality Made in Italy and look to the future, are the characteristics that distinguish the historical brand of the Barbero family.


We have a large range of Newfren products available. Finding the correct one for your bike without using our search bar or the part finder tool above is going to be near impossible. 


Feel free to contact us if you want some help. Otherwise here are some tips on how to use the search tools. 



How to use the search tools

Part Finder Tool (recommended): Start by entering in your Make, followed by Model and Year. It might take a second to load the results after you select each one.


Search bar: This search function works best when you put less information in. Try searching for just your motorcycle model and the part you want.

Example: "XR650 Newfren". Remember, start with less information, than add more and more to help narrow your results.