Born in 1953, Vertex started with only 8 ambitious employees. Now, over 65 years later Vertex is a global company with thousands of dedicated staff all working towards making the best motorcycle & ATV products available.

Vertex gaskets is an industry leader in gasket manufacturing high-performance gaskets for dirtbikes and ATVs. Made in the USA, Vertex gaskets are the most complete gasket sets in the industry. Vertex offer a range of Complete Gasket Kits, Top End Gasket Kits, Oil Seal Kits, Water Pump Rebuild Kits and other individual gaskets for almost every off-road motorcycle & ATV.


We have a large range of Vertex products available. Finding the correct one for your bike without using our search bar or the part finder tool above is going to be near impossible. 


Feel free to contact us if you want some help. Otherwise here are some tips on how to use the search tools. 



How to use the search tools

Part Finder Tool (recommended): Start by entering in your Make, followed by Model and Year. It might take a second to load the results after you select each one.


Search bar: This search function works best when you put less information in. Try searching for just your motorcycle model and the part you want.

Example: "KX250 Vertex". Remember, start with less information, than add more and more to help narrow your results.