Bolt Motorcycle Hardware


It started in 1989 with a 12-year-old that really wanted his own dirt bike. He mowed lawns, shoveled gravel, and picked up any odd job he could get.  He and his dad found a used Kawasaki KX80 in the paper and, after emptying his hard-earned savings account, the bike was his.  After what seemed like a lifetime, he finally got his mom to drive him an hour and a half to Hollister Hills to ride. Two minutes into the KX's maiden voyage, the rear axle fell out. The previous owner had used the wrong hardware! The kid's day was over before it had really begun. During the drive back home, he pondered how something so seemingly insignificant could have such an affect on his day. Thus began a passion for reliable and appropriate fasteners for dirt bikes.


We have a large range of Ferodo products available. Feel free to contact us if you want some help. Otherwise here are some tips on how to use the search tools. 



How to use the search tools

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